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  "Providing Expertise in the AutoGlass Business Process"  
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Our Mission

TGSC provides AutoGlass Business Process Management (BPM) expertise and solutions.

At TGSC Services Group, our mission is to help each of our clients achieve "best in class" results and exceptional Return on Investment in their auto glass business process activities.

We accomplish results that produce streamlined processes and yield improvements in customer acquisition, loyalty and retention through the consistent application of our Core Principles:

Auto Glass Expertise:  Demonstrate auto glass expertise in all aspects of auto glass business process management and create tangible benefit for our clients with this knowledge.

Service Management Approach, not transaction processing:  Manage all interactions so as to contribute to our clients "best in class" levels of profitable customer retention and consumer brand loyalty.

Rapid Technology Deployment:  Utilize relevant technology, and practical experience, to rapidly deploy technology solutions that enhance and transform business processes for all parties in Claim Service Management.

Customization and Transformation of Business Activities: Understand the clients' needs and goals, be willing to assess the "status quo", and employ a disciplined and ongoing business analysis approach to find and generate business improvements for client organization.  Demonstrate flexibility in our approach and outlook.  Tailor and customize solutions to meet the needs of our clients.