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Advanced Communication Technology
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Advanced Communication Technology

TGSC Group utilizes advanced technologies to facilitate highly effective auto glass business process transactions and workflow. Our state of the art facilities and expert staff can help deliver best in class results for your auto glass business process.
The technology brings a host of benefits to you policyholder and to your company, including:

  • Substantially reduced call times when reporting glass damage
  • Ability to conduct all auto glass transactions in a secure, online environment
  • Faster response times between the glass breakage event and the service repair completion
  • Immediate notice of problems or schedule changes results in rapid resolution
  • Updates of job status/service performance in real-time
  • Enables up-to-date reporting and measurement for best possible process management

Rapid Technology Deployment
TGSC Group technology foundation is built upon swift and effective adoption of proven technologies to effect change for our clients quickly. We eliminate cumbersome and lengthy projects in favor of agile and attentive response to opportunities for process improvement for our clients in real time.

Glass Expertise Automated Scheduling Licensee Program