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Auto Glass Expertise
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Auto Glass Expertise

Auto Glass Philosophy
An extensive knowledge of auto glass business process and auto glass installation practices defines the TGSC Group business culture.  From our senior management team, with an average of more than 22 years of hands-on auto glass and claims management experience, to the glass repair training received by all TGSC customer service personnel, every member of our staffs knows glass.

Auto Glass Training
In addition to first hand observation of repair and replacement procedures, all TGSC Group customer service and program management team members receive extensive training in various aspects of auto glass knowledge, including part/vehicle matching, part identification and part options.

Hiring & Employee Retention
TGSC seeks to recruit staff with glass industry and/or glass claims experience whenever possible. This strategy infuses the TGSC teams with requisite experience to provide substantial value to all our clients. Our management believes strongly in team building and in the value that each service representative brings to the group. This positive working environment is reflected in the exceptionally low turnover rate at TGSC business operations.

Glass Expertise Automated Scheduling Licensee Program