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Customized Professional Services
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Customized Professional Services

Consultative Approach
From the outset of a client relationship, TGSC Group account professionals utilize their industry expertise and knowledge to help clients envision, create and customize highly effective auto glass business management solutions. In fact, TGSC Group engages with each of its clients to design the particular auto glass solution that uniquely meets the business requirements and strategic goals of that organization. We do not try to fit the client into a proprietary TGSC model. Instead TGSC works closely with its clients to carefully understand their goals, and then define and implement a customized and specific approach that works best for the client organization.
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Online Tools to self-manage results
Once business process changes have been defined, and enacted, TGSC helps to construct the appropriate metrics and empowers client organizations with a real-time, online measurement system to track the ongoing success and effectiveness of any program. Clients have instant access to full information from which to direct self-direct their auto glass business management and program.

Dedicated Account Team
Each TGSC client has at least one member of our senior management team assigned to direct account responsibility to insure the achievement of client goals. In addition, both an Account Manager and an Account Coordinator serve as experts on the client account team. TGSC account coordinators have a thorough understanding of the relevant autoglass business processes that are critical to the success of a client program. Furthermore, the TGSC account coordinators are always focused on process optimization. Glass programs are closely monitored and potential efficiencies and improvements are constantly explored in regularly scheduled client meetings.

Glass Expertise Automated Scheduling Licensee Program