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Program Management

TGSC Group can deliver a complete customized and tailored auto glass program for your Company that yields measurable results for you and your customers.

At TGSC Group we start by focusing on understanding our clients business goals and objectives, and then, working closely with the client team, we create a set of autoglass business processes that aligns with the philosophies and objectives of the clients with whom we are partnered.  Every program is uniquely designed according to client parameters.

We are in a unique position to handle a variety of programs based on specific carrier criteria within our product offering of complete program management, AutoGlass Service Delivery, Consulting/Research and software solutions. Our flexible program design allows our insurance carriers to provide their policyholders with the best claims experience available.

For organizations looking to achieve complete autoglass business process outsourcing, TGSC Group offers full service program administration. Starting with call center and contact center services that provide a smooth First Report experience and continuing through the quality and timeliness of the glass repair or replacement itself, as well as prompt and efficient payment, a TGSC program will deliver the results for your organization.

TGSC can provide full business process management, or handle just a portion of the process, as might meet the needs of the client Online tools allow TGSC clients to analyze and review all aspects of their autoglass business process activities in real time. Clients are able to easily manage and monitor any component of their business process with a secure, simple to use set of online displays, reports and menu-driven tools.